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Postby Timmy » 18 Aug 2011, 08:23

Your dream game you realism fan girls.
Top 2 comments :

"I hear a lot about poor optimization. I'm running this game on high settings and 2,5km draw distance, on a €500 laptop. I don't think that's too bad.

Also, this game allows you to travel freely on a 250km^2 map. All without encountering loading screens mid-game. I'm not that surprised it's demanding on your resources.

Not to mention battles with up to thousands of AI:s at once, and up to 10km draw distance... which other game can handle that well? Think about it =)"

"I'm currently installing this.

Also, I am a Call of Duty fan but this game is SO much more open world and tactical then Call of Duty. Thats why its awesome."

"Arma 2: Free (A2F) redefines the free-to-play battlefield with its truly unrivalled scale and gameplay possibilities. A2F serves up almost everything offered by the original Arma 2 - the '13th best PC game of all time', according to PC Gamer [1] - minus the campaign, HD graphics and support for user-made addons and mods.

Create your own custom-built scenarios or deploy a massive selection of missions and game-modes made by others. No micro-transactions, no hidden costs, just the same epic terrain and huge variety of equipment! This is Arma 2 Free - virtual war without the training wheels.

Arma 2: Free to download, free to play, free to share, free to host, free to create... free to play redefined!


I haven't gotten it just yet, but I'm downloading it right now...F.Y.I, this game IS going to be tough on your computer. Just one load and you can roam 60-100km? I'm not sure. Most realistic for sure.
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