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Welcome to the 1701 Gaming Community.

1701 was created in 2003 with the launch of Star Wars Galaxies. Somehow we found each other in-game, lost and scattered across the Galaxy. From Star Wars Galaxies we tried many games, from Everquest 2 to World of Warcraft. I started to play Americas Army during server down time from Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) as something to do while the time ticked by. I had the pleasure of meeting a group who played together called the TGIF Squad (Thank God Its Friday) who introduced me to the whole voice comm’s system. An old teamspeak server brought together around 10-15 people thanks to a kind and caring pair called White Knight and most of all his brother Med-Two (Medic).

Currently we have our own Ventrilo Server, Americas Army 3 Honor Server, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ranked Server, Lord of the Rings Kinship & a Star Trek Online Fleet however, we have friends in just about every online game out from the above mentioned to Silent Hunter Series where you will battle beneath the waves with me and Marko or Company of Heroes with Steve and Adeadly. Or maybe you just happy with Checkers on MSN with Lyndsey & Pliskin.

We offer a few services which include Ventrilo. Playing a fast paced game? No time to type in combat? So talk to your friend and get the job done in-game faster. We have our own Gaming Servers, play on a server where you call the shots and don’t have to put up with a power happy admin’s running the show. Forums for you to use and bring up your issues right here at www.1701gaming.com, click forums and finally E-mail for all. Are you sick of having an E-mail address like graeme112233@hotmail.com? Would you much rather have safe user friendly system and a address like graeme@1701gaming.com? I know what I would. All these services are free to all members of 1701 and Admin will be given to all members once they have displayed a certain level of maturity.

This Gaming Community is a tribute to all those people which have come and gone in our lives and to those fighting for king and country.

Special Thanks to our Web-Dev team for this site, Rebecca & Graeme.

Terms and Conditions.

1) Respect all other clan mates.
2) Treat others the same way you want to be treated.
3) Enjoy yourself.
4) Remember you as a member represent 1701 at all times.
5) Keep the profanity to a respectable minimum.
6) If you have Admin remember to use it responsibly.

Graeme (Owner & Host)
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